REH Birthday Party at Opal Divine’s This Saturday

In honor of Robert E. Howard’s nativity, Dennis McHaney and Paul Herman are throwing a wee soiree for the Man From Cross Plains at Opal Divine’s (the Penn field location) in Austin on Saturday. The festivities start at 2 p.m. and go ’til close. Jack and Barbara Baum (former owners of the REH literary estate) just might attend. Word on the street is that TC alumnus, [redacted], has also threatened to grace Austin with his presence for the occasion.

The Polls Are Almost Closed…

I just learned that the Preditors & Editors Readers Poll for 2009 is almost over. Sponsored by the Critters Writers Workshop, the purpose of the poll is, as the website puts it, to “honor print & electronic publications published during 2009.”

The main aspect of interest for myself about this poll (and I assume it would be to readers of The Cimmerian as well) is its “Fantasy & Science Fiction Short Story published in 2009…” category. Many of the stories and contestants vying for the prize have been drawn from the Rage of the Behemoth collection, which I reviewed last summer.

This contest is packed with Sword-and-Sorcery and heroic fantasy tales. One of them needs to win this thing. Several are truly excellent examples of the Sword-and-Sorcery genre and should be honored accordingly. Make your voices heard. Our favorite style of fiction is on the move and getting stronger every day. The results of this poll should reflect that.

Voting in this poll is ridiculously easy. It took me less than two minutes (after I’d decided on my selection, of course). Plus, as is noted on their “Rules” page (scroll down), there are even some cool prizes for the voters, not just the contestants.

The poll closes at midnight Thursday, January 14. Let’s make sure one of our own is accepting the award.

Sasser Revamps REH: Two-Gun Raconteur Website

Damon Sasser has been hard at work bringing a new look to the venerable REH: Two-Gun Raconteur website. Pretty slick. Damon has said that the Van Ostrand affair motivated him to put REH and his life (as opposed to Howard’s literary works) a bit more front-and-center at TGR, which will hopefully forestall similar debacles in the future. Check it all out here.

Time to Saddle Up, Howard Fans

Maggie Van Ostrand

EDIT: Thanks to Howard fans coming together and forming a determined shieldwall, both Texas Escapes and Fandomania have made adjustments to Ms. Van Ostrand’s article. As [redacted] puts it: “Texas Escapes has pulled the article down and Fandomania has placed enough editorial padding between the piece and the site that there can be no doubt as to the veracity of the piece in question.” Van Ostrand has also apologised for not digging deeper into the research regarding Howard’s life. So, no need to email either site or Van Ostrand.

Also, readers of this blog entry should be aware that its sole purpose was to serve as a call to arms directed specifically at REH fans. In my opinion, its purpose has been served. In no way was it intended to be informative to the general public. Certain basic knowledge was assumed, since it was aimed entirely at active, informed REH fans, as the title should have indicated to any unwary reader. Uncomplimentary language was directed towards Ms. Van Ostrand. This is in no way an apology, simply a preface intended to inform readers of content.

— Deuce Richardson

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“Howard’s Cimmeria” is up on youtube



Texan REH fan (and self-proclaimed “warrior photographer”), Ben Friberg, has put together a short video which focuses on the Enchanted Rock/Fredericksburg landscape. It draws its inspiration from the fact that Howard stated the poem, “Cimmeria,” was written while visiting that part of Texas. This is Mr. Friberg’s second stab at the project. While still a work in progress, the present version looks pretty good. Check it out here.

Damon Sasser Sends a Party Pic

Thanks to Damon Sasser, founder and editor of REH: Two-Gun Raconteur, we have some photographic evidence of the good time had by all in Houston last Saturday night. Check it out…


Above, Mr. Lord is surveying the bottle of excellent champagne that Fabrice Tortey smuggled in from France, while Patrice Louinet comments. Behind Patrice are Lee Breakiron, Steve Seale and [redacted].

Happy birthday, Glenn.

Houston: No Problem Whatsoever


Yesterday, Glenn Lord’s (early) birthday was celebrated in style at Tampico Seafood and Cocina Mexicana in Houston. The Cimmerian advised the REH faithful about the event several weeks ago. Now the preliminary reports are starting to trickle in on the TC ticker-tape.

Paul Herman (master of ceremonies) just posted this over on the Official Robert E. Howard Forum:

Glenn’s party went very well. Maybe 15 folks total, on a beautiful day to be sitting out of doors on the upper deck patio of a great Mexican seafood restaurant. What a group! Patrice Louinet and Fabrice Tortey from France, [redacted] from California, Dennis McHaney from Austin, Damon Sasser from Spring, TX, Crossplains Pilgrim and his blushing bride. Even a Paradox lawyer! Glenn made out like a bandit, with a very sizable sum collected (big thanks to the REHupans!, among others) to go towards rebuilding his house in Pasadena damaged by Hurricane Ike last year. Everyone stayed for hours after dinner, just talking as a group about REH. Dennis brought along some extra goodies.

I think everyone had a wonderful time, especially Glenn and his family.

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And Oh How They Danced


The shadow of stately Trout Manor falls across a mysterious circle of lintels and supporting trilithons, in this aerial view. No one but the builders know the reason for this mysterious structure.
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JRRT (the “spy”) at the GCCS: An Update



After my Tolkien post last Saturday, several interesting new insights have come to light. Wayne Hammond and Christina Scull, authors of The J.R.R. Tolkien Companion and Guide, posted this response to the Daily Telegraph article over on the J.R.R. Tolkien Collector’s Guide forum:

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No Trick and Definitely Not a Treat


Ever since Clint Morris (pictured above), founder of, posted the “casting breakdown” for the upcoming Conan film from Lionsgate, there have been those who persist in claiming that the whole thing is a “trick” or a “hoax.” Such is not the case, and I have proof.

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