No Trick and Definitely Not a Treat

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Ever since Clint Morris (pictured above), founder of, posted the “casting breakdown” for the upcoming Conan film from Lionsgate, there have been those who persist in claiming that the whole thing is a “trick” or a “hoax.” Such is not the case, and I have proof.

When the news first broke, I was slightly sceptical. Checking on a few things, I decided it was legitimate; thus, my posting my reaction to the document (or, at least, its virtual incarnation) a few days ago. My reasons for taking this thing at face value were several. Mr. Morris has been working in the Hollywood community for years. In his own words, he is “a talent manager by trade,” maintaining offices in Melbourne and Hollywood. An outgrowth of his primary vocation was With access to so much inside news, why not post it online? His website often features late-breaking news that generally turns out to be accurate (much like the Cimmerian blog). seemed to be a highly-frequented and well-regarded site, from what I could gather. There appeared to be zero motivation for Morris to taint the well (and the rep of his website) by fabricating an item like the casting breakdown.

On top of the numerous reasons to believe that Morris was a straight-shooter in this case, there was also the fact that the plot of the movie hidden in the shadows of the casting breakdown appeared to be a “next generation” version of the script posted a while back on Latino Review. That previous version was never explicitly disavowed by credible sources close to Millennium or CPI.

Despite all the evidence to the contary, there were still many fans haunting cyberspace who refused to believe that Moviehole’s news was genuine. So, I grabbed my keyboard by the horns and contacted Clint Morris. He responded quite promptly and this is what he said:

It’s indeed the actual casting breakdown.

Mr. Morris went on to say that he had received the document from Millennium with the purpose of handing it on to one of his clients, in his capacity as a talent manager.

There is no tooth fairy, the Earth is a spherical body that circles the sun and the Conan casting breakdown posted by is the real deal.