The Cimmerian V3 — Index Issue


Edited by Leo Grin | Illustrated by Dalmatius
40 pages

This issue was printed in a deluxe edition, numbered 1–75, using a black linen cover with foil-stamped gold text.


Features a comprehensive series of indexes covering the Centennial year of The Cimmerian (Volume 3, Numbers 1–12, plus Awards Issue, 2006). Includes Title Indexes, Author and Subject Indexes, and a Master Reference of all the material that appeared in Volume 3.

This special index issue is only available in a deluxe edition, and is the perfect capstone to your deluxe Volume 3 collection.


Glancing through the Master Reference, I find myself most proud of the way TC thoroughly covered all of the important anniversaries for 2006, in the process creating a virtual “Howard 101” college course. When I think of all the amazing scholarly revelations that came to light in articles about Howard’s birth and death, Conan the Adventurer, the Howard Boom, REH Days, A Gent from Bear Creek and Skull-Face and Others, I can’t help but feel glad as hell that I listened to Don Herron way back when, as he continually urged me to at least try — try — to come out monthly in 2006.

— from “Envoi — 2006”