Vess’ Drawing Down the Moon Free Online


Dark Horse Comics just announced that, in honor of their imminent publication of Drawing Down the Moon by Charles Vess, they are offering the entire book online for free viewing for an indefinite time.

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Saunders’ “Mwindo” Is On MySpace

Most TC regulars are probably aware of the fact that Charles R. Saunders has recently posted some of his vintage fiction on his website. What I was unaware of (until very recently) is that Mr. Saunders maintains a MySpace blog upon which he has been posting his retelling of the Mwindo legend.


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Bridge Abridged?


Recently I found a book called Adventure, after the venerable pulp magazine. It had a story by our own [redacted], called “Bridge of Teeth”, which was billed as a Howardian cross of weird fiction and boxing together. I wanted to like it, but it seemed like an editor had hacked at it with a maniacal glee leaving various parts of the story in shreds — with an ending mentioning a character named Tlaloc who just appears out of nowhere. I’m not sure what happened here but I was hoping for something more coherent. Maybe Mark can fill us in.