Dennis McHaney reveals his Atlantean Award


Check out the first pic of Dennis’ monstrous Atlantean Award, won at Howard Days 2006 for Best REH Book by a Single Author. The book in question is Robert E. Howard: World’s Greatest Pulpster, available at Lulu Books. The Awards Issue of The Cimmerian will hopefully be hitting the street in July, containing full coverage of the ceremony, lots of pictures, interviews with the winners, and a full breakdown of how the voting went down. Always lots of fun.

Valusian Award

Interested parties can take a gander at Don Herron’s towering Valusian Award, the Cimmerian Award handed out for Best REH Anthology. A pic is posted on his website, along with the story of why he left it behind in Cross Plains.

Scroll down a bit on the same page for an interesting tidbit about Dr. Howard and Prohibition, and stay tuned to the pages of The Cimmerian for lots more stories in that vein, culled while Don and I spent a week in Texas doing interviews and seeing the Howardian sights last June.

Stygian Award

Bill Thom, who administers the useful Coming Attractions pulp web site as well as Paul Herman’s Howard Works site, has alerted me that he has put a page on Howard Works advertising the fact that it has won the Stygian Award for Best REH Website of 2004. That’s the idea.

The question is: will any other websites out there rise to the challenge and try to dethrone Howard Works next year? Almost alone among the current crop of Howard websites, Howard Works is undergoing major renovations. It will take some hard work and ingenuity to surpass it.