Weird Yuletide Tales, Past and Present

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Yukon versus the Bumble

Those who hunger for Yultide fables with a different spin can find such here in the archives of The Cimmerian.

Steve Tompkins began the tradition in 2007 with “Bumbles Pounce,” a Howardian/Londonian (with touches of CAS and HPL) take on Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer from Rankin-Bass. 

In 2008, Tompkins followed up with “Night Falls in Whoheim,” wherein Tompk retold the tale of Seuss’ Grinch. Sly nods ranged from Beowulf to CAS’ “The Seven Geases.”

This year, TC blogger [redacted] carried on the tradition with “Walking in the Air, with Burning Feet of Fire.” This one is very loosely based on Raymond Briggs’ holiday classic, The Snow Man, paying homage to REH’s James Allison yarns, as well as Blackwood’s “The Wendigo.”

Good reading and a merry Christmas to all.