Imaro: The Naama War Is Finally Here

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Imaro versus Bohu

The Cimmerian just heard the word via the Drums of Nyumbani: the long-awaited fourth novel in Charles R. Saunders’ Imaro series is now available from Imaro: The Naama War brings to a close the epic first chapter in the life of CRS’ iconic Sword-and-Sorcery hero, Imaro.

The journey of Imaro: The Naama War, much like that of Imaro himself, has been one beset by obstacles, battles and heartbreak. Charles R. Saunders wrote the original version in the mid-’80s, but DAW books pulled the plug after the third novel, Imaro: The Trail of Bohu. Saunders essentially stopped writing Sword-and-Sorcery after that and would not return to his ground-breaking hero until the twenty-first century, whereupon he revised the first Imaro novel for publication by Night Shade Books.

So, with the publication of Imaro: The Naama War, we have the first truly new Imaro novel in well-nigh a quarter-century. The novel looks to give us CRS fans a titanic show-down between Imaro on the one side and the demonic Bohu, with his unholy Erritten masters behind him, on the other. I, for one, cannot wait to get my hands on a copy.

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LEO ADDS: And here is the dedication page to the novel (click to enlarge):