World Fantasy Award Judges Announced

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And they are: Peter Coleborn, Robert Hoge, Dennis L. McKiernan, Mark Morris, and Steve Pasechnick.

Full details here.

If you attended or supported the 2006 Austin Convention, this is the last year you are eligible to vote under that membership. You’ll either receive a ballot in the mail, or else you can email your choices to Rodger Turner. Granted, the chances of anything about REH winning are nil — it was McKiernan, after all, who sat on the REH panel in 2006 with David Drake, where the two of them blackjacked REH as a “parochial” and “pedestrian” writer, a mere “child’s author” (thankfully, as described in TC V3n11, the other two panelists were [redacted] and Howard Andrew Jones, who rose to the occassion.) But getting nominated is its own reward.

You can nominate up to five people in each category, and one caveat is that while you don’t have to nominate for every category, you at least have to do so for more than one. Another is that you can only nominate living persons (so no votes for REH himself, alas.)

Let’s once again get out the vote for Howard fandom. Leo Grin for The Cimmerian will be running in the Special Award — Non Professional category if you are so inclined, and other possibilities I can think of include:

Life Achievement — Glenn Lord for fifty years of Robert E. Howard research, scholarship, and editing.
Artist — Jim and Ruth Keegan for their work illustrating 2007’s Best of Robert E. Howard volumes from Del Rey.
Special Award Professional — Rusty Burke, for editing Del Rey’s 2007 Best of Robert E. Howard volumes.
(part of the nominating process includes mailing samples of your work to the judges, so let’s hope Jim and Rusty get on the stick and do that for themselves.)

So take a few minutes to email Rodger Turner your ballot, and do your part to ensure that REH is well-represented at the fantasy field’s premier awards show. Voting deadline is June 8.