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Ndoro and Obaseki

I do think the time is overpast for drawing inspiration from other milieus — Oriental, Near Eastern, North and Black African, Amerindian, Polynesian, an entire world — and am happy to see that several writers have begun doing so.

— Poul Anderson, from his essay, “On Thud and Blunder.”

Over at the Black Gate blog, Charles R. Saunders has logged on and made another (and most welcome) guest appearance. His motivation this time is to promote the work of an up-and-coming fantasy author. Click here and then click back, if you would.

I’d been aware of Milton Davis initially from the Wonderlands website, where we are both members. Not long after, CRS posted a blog entry praising the storytelling skills of “The Griot.” Mr. Davis and I entered into a correspondence about that time. It was my intention to promptly bloviate about his writing projects, but various other obligations interfered. The fact that I did not want to post just a “paragraph and a link” also held me back. I wanted to do Milton Davis and all his hard work mejilogo-jmsmasonjustice.

Well, the time has come today.

Davis has two works in print as we speak: the Meji saga, books I and II. As Mr. Saunders describes in his Black Gate review, the two volumes concern the twin brothers, Ndoro and Obaseki. Their lives begin, separate and once again intertwine, all set against the epic backdrop of Uhuru, their home continent.

Milton Davis has further adventures planned for the descendents of the two brothers as well; adventures which will take to the reader to the other continents in the world of Meji.

Davis is also working on a historical Sword-and-Sorcery series, one that Changa2begins in what is now Angola. Set in the late fifteenth century, the story of Changa follows him as he is exiled from the lands of the Bakonga, then eastward to Mombassa and on to the fabled India of the Mughals and points beyond.

Information regarding all of Milton J. Davis’ projects can be found here.  




*Art by Mshindo, Mason and Blakely.