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REH fan Kent Matthewson recently alerted me to the fact that, since Australia’s copyright protection equals the author’s death date plus fifty years, many of Howard’s stories are in the public domain there. Browsing over to Project Gutenberg Australia nets you the following list:

Robert Ervin HOWARD (1906-1936)


  • Skulls in the Stars (1929)–TextHTML
  • The Footfalls Within (1931)–TextHTML
  • The Moon of Skulls (1930)–TextHTML
  • The Hills of the Dead (1930)–TextHTML
  • Wings in the Night (1932)–TextHTML


  • The Daughter of Erlik Khan (1934)–TextHTML
  • Hawk of the Hills (1935)–TextHTML
  • Blood of the Gods (1935)–TextHTML
  • Son Of The White Wolf (1936)–TextHTML
  • The Country of The Knife (1937)–TextHTML


  • The Phoenix on the Sword (1932)–TextHTML
  • The Scarlet Citadel (1933)–TextHTML
  • The Tower of the Elephant (1933)–TextHTML
  • Black Colossus (1933)–TextHTML
  • The Slithering Shadow (1933)–TextHTML
  • The Pool of the Black One (1933)–TextHTML
  • Rogues in the House (1934)–TextHTML
  • Shadows in the Moonlight (1934)–TextHTML
  • Queen of the Black Coast (1934)–TextHTML
  • The Devil in Iron (1934)–TextHTML
  • The People of the Black Circle (1934)–TextHTML
  • A Witch Shall be Born(1934)–TextHTML
  • Jewels of Gwahlur (1935)–TextHTML
  • Beyond the Black River (1935)–TextHTML
  • Shadows in Zamboula (1935)–TextHTML
  • The Hour of the Dragon (1936)–TextHTML
  • Red Nails (1936)–TextHTML
  • Gods of the North (1934)–TextHTML

Doubtless more will be added as time goes on. One problem with Project Gutenberg over Wikipedia is that the general reader can’t easily edit the text as they find typos and errors. Still, it is a valuable resource for when you need to search a text for scholarly purposes, or when your trusty book collection isn’t handy.