Cross Plains Motel — Red Friggin’ Alert

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OK, listen up: I just found out that the Motel 36 in Cross Plains is under new management. The guy behind the desk seems nice enough, and it looks here as if he has been doing some remodeling and making the rooms there better than ever. But here’s the rub: HE DOESN’T HAVE THE RESERVATION BOOK WE ALL SIGNED UP IN LAST JUNE. That means that all of you out there who have been secure in the knowledge that you have a June reservation for Howard Days, YOU DON’T.

I rebooked my own reservation, and apparently about five of the other rooms are already re-booked, leaving ten or so left. If you are one of those people who likes staying in town during Howard Days, I highly recommend you call the Motel immediately and re-book, before it’s too late.

The number for the Motel 36 is: (254)725-4550. If you are planning to attend the Thursday field trip to Fort McKavett and Enchanted Rock State Park with us, you should book for Wednesday through Sunday, four nights in all.

The guy at the motel sounds real sorry about the mix-up, but he simply doesn’t have that book anymore — the one the old managers gave him ran only to May. So hurry, give him a call, and re-book your reservation today. You’ve been warned.

(Thanks to Cimmerian reader Tom Verhaaren for alerting me to this state of events. All of you who get your rooms back in time owe him a beer this June).

PS — for those of you who own RVs, the Motel now has an “RV Park” for you to use, complete with hookups, etc.