Changes at The Cimmerian

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In an effort to improve the experience of Cimmerian readers and to further Howard studies on the Net in general, I am making some changes at the website for The Cimmerian that I hope will make a difference.

As you can see from the blog posts below, I have invited well-known Howard scholars [redacted], [redacted], and Steve Tompkins to blog at along with me. Each brings a new set of opinions and skill sets to the discussion, and as a result this blog should finally grow wings and become a place for Howard fans to check each morning.

In addition, I will begin the process of converting all of the old Cimmerian website into this new blog format, with the blog page eventually becoming the main Cimmerian homepage. This should allow for a much more content-rich browsing experience, with everything searchable and indexed for readers.

One of the fun new things I’ve included on this new blog homepage is a Robert E. Howard random quote generator. Each time you visit or refresh, a new Howard quote appears at the top of the screen. Right now there are only a few dozen in the database, but I will be gradually adding more until they represent swaths of inspirational and electric writing spanning the whole of Howard’s career. If you have any favorites you want to see there, email me with the quote and the name of the story or letter it came from, and I’ll add it to the database.

Now that this blog is officially on-line, stay tuned for regular updates containing news, reviews, scholarship, and opinions about REH and related genres and writers. Welcome to The Cimmerian Online.