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Dial P for Pulp debuts

English fan David Drage has been planning a regular podcast for pulp aficionados over the last year. Recently, the first episodes of the podcast have appeared at his website, with more to follow on what looks like a monthly basis. Highlights for Howard fans include an audiobook rendition of the Solomon Kane tale “Red Shadows,” some commentary on new Howard books such as Almuric and Conan the Phenomenon, information on casting for the new Solomon Kane film, and a laconic and humorous Howard Days trip report by Larry “Deuce” Richardson.

My first impression is that the jury is still out on whether this experiment will become a must-listen for fans. Right now the delivery is a bit bland and stiff, the information somewhat of a rehash of things long known on the Internet, and the theme music far too goofy compared to the somewhat rarefied accent of Drage. On the plus side, the Richardson trip report does hint strongly at the possibilities of the medium, and how phone interviews and other never-before-heard audio content (on-site reports from Howard Days or Gen Con, perhaps) would be compelling. Drage’s podcast is still in its infancy, and as he gets more contributors and develops a less scripted delivery of his material, it might grow into something special. Give it a listen and see what you think.