Blogging drought

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Sorry there hasn’t been any new posts lately, but all of the Cimmerian bloggers have been busy with other things. Both Rob and Steve have been hard at work on Howardian book projects that are going to rock your world later this year, Mark’s been working on getting his movie theater running in between Howardian speeches in Cross Plains, and I’ve been wrestling with a whole slew of things including the April issue of TC, the V3 Index issue, the V3 slipcases, the Cimmerian Awards trophies, REH Days scheduling, mastering some REH recorded poetry (!?!), selling REHupas and other Howardian items on eBay, and a host of other stuff, including something called Real Life.

Nevertheless, slowly but surely all of us are crawling out from under the mounds of work we’re engaged in, and you should start seeing some new posts soon. Not to mention some new Cimmerian issues and such. It looks as if the REHupa blog has been suffering from a lack of posts for many of the same reasons. Indy’s in the middle of assembling the April mailing of REHupa, Morgan’s been hard at work on an essay for me, and Rusty has his usual list of stuff to do stretching from here to the moon (of skulls). All a part of doing this as a hobby, riding the crests and dips as they come.

Stay tuned….