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Big REH collection for sale

REH editor Paul Herman announces the following:

For those with some money to burn and a Jones, I have just heard that Wayne Stolte is selling off his entire REH collection. Wayne was a 20 year collector, always purchased the best copies he could find, always Broadart’ed the covers, everything in bags. I got to personally meet him back in the 1980s, good egg, and a serious dude when it came to taking care of his collections, as anal as me!

Wayne is also the guy that created the hardback volume Flight. It was limited to 20 copies, and is the rarest REH hardback, excepting the original Gent from Bear Creek. The few he made available were quickly snarfed up and NONE have ever shown up on the secondary market, period. Well, a copy is now for sale, as well as 15 boxes of other REH material.

Wayne consigned the stuff to Cobblestone Books, as they are old friends of his. Their contact information is below. I talked to the dealer this AM, he has just started digging through it all and pricing it. He is planning to send out mailers to whomever wants to be included, maybe 50 books at a time, as he weeds through the boxes. So, for those that are interested, you may want to get on the mailing list.

Just my two cents, this is one of the larger and best kept caches of REH stuff to ever pop out, so if you got something serious you’re looking for, you may want to chase this.

I think we’re at that point in history where a lot of the classic fans from the sixties and seventies are going to start coughing up collections as death or old age beckon. It will be interesting to see what sort of new generation entrenches itself.