A clarification and an apology

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In a previous post, I reprinted a well-written article by Cross Plains resident Ginny Hoskins, discussing the recent speech and signing TC blogger [redacted] gave in that town recently. Within the post Steve and I made a few corrections to the article, in the process lamenting the frequent inaccuracies to be found in REH write-ups by journalists.

While in Cross Plains for this year’s Howard Days, Ginny told me that in actuality she had been especially careful to quote Mark exactly and to get all of her facts right, and Mark agrees that any minor errors in the article were due not to reporter negligence but to the all-too-common pitfalls of talking live off the top of one’s head. In light of this, I apologize to Ginny for our somewhat petty fan-geek grumbling about the article, and will be more careful next time when pointing out minor quibbles in such pieces. Sorry Ginny, and many thanks for letting us reprint your REH write-ups.